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Andrew Blatherwick has 30 years experience working for major retailers Boots and Iceland Foods Group in Buying, Marketing and Supply Chain Management,  run large International IT companies and start ups providing solutions to the retail industry. As Managing Director of E3, JDA, Alphameric Retail and Argility, Andrew has gained huge knowledge and experience dealing with some of the best retailers around the world.

Andrew also has a wide network of people in the retail and software industries plus similarly experienced executives who can be called upon for specialist knowledge who will work together to deliver exceptional advice and results for your business.

Current Companies:

Relex Solutions -  Non Exec Director - Demand forecasting, automated replenishment, inventory optimisation, supply chain analytics. Helping RELEX expand Internationally and to win new clients for one of retail technology�s most exciting upstarts.
-The fastest growing supplier of SCM solutions, EMEA region, on Deloitte�s Technology Fast 500 list 2011-2014; Team of 120+; Management-owned; Over 70 customers in 15 European countries, South Africa and next in the US

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Storeforce solutions - Non Exec Director - designed specifically for specialty retailers - workforce and performance management. Strategic and operational tool automatically calculates schedules and targets for stores and sales staff, mobile dashboard reporting, task and event management.

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Andrew Blatherwick